Children and adults alike embark on a journey of wonder and learning, grooving along with the ANIMALS ROCK band. The Byron Bay based band, fronted by founder Beau Young and television presenter Shelley Craft, opens kids’ eyes and ears up to the big wide world of animals. 


  Illustrations by Susy Boyer Art. 


meet the band



Leonius Funk is the king of the jungle and the band! 

He is always introducing and playing different instruments that he believes work for each animal song. Leo is affectionately know to be one very cool cat. 


Ginger is the styling' giraffe and soulful backing vocalist. An inquisitive, smooth, sweet soul sister, who helps Beau out with his lyrics and animal moves for each song. 


Gordo is the drum playing gorilla who is surprisingly quiet and sleepy, he is a real slow talker. Bananas are his staple diet so when it comes to getting active on the drums, simply hand him a banana smoothie and watch him rip! 


Lila the happy horse plays the bass guitar, believes in fairies, wears bell-bottom pants and likes to dance in the rain. Unaware of the 1970's, she is still a flower child (they are even in her hair!). She's the dreamer of the band, who makes strange but wonderful suggestions. 

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